Road Traffic Lines
Local Authority Road Traffic Debt

At Grencar Ltd we understand the importance of quick effective enforcement especially in the area of unpaid penalty charge notices. With our team of Enforcement Agents who are experienced in collecting outstanding Road Traffic Debts / fixed penalty notices they can immobilise or tow away vehicles if the situation warrants it.

We have the ability to do DVLA checks and have ANPR equipped vehicles on hand to do static or rolling operations.

Each client has their own policies and approach towards the manner in which they want their debts collected; recognising this our approach is tailored to be in keeping with our client’s policies and ethos. No two situations are the same that is why we approach each case with an open perspective.

We offer a persistent evader service which utilises a range of data sources to enable us to get a significant success rate in tracking down the offender and increasing the likelihood of collecting the outstanding monies that are due.

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