Commercial Landlords

As set out in the Tribunal Court and Enforcement Act 2007 (Section 72), Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013, a landlord can recover unpaid commercial rent arrears without the need to apply to the courts by a procedure called Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery “CRAR”. Once the rent is in arrear the landlord can give written instruct to a Civil Enforcement Agent to proceed with recovery of the rent arrears.

At Grencar Ltd we understand that the swift recovery of commercial rent arrears is highly desirable, we also understand maintaining goodwill in the landlord / tenant relationship is also of paramount importance as that relationship will inevitably be ongoing long after we have finished. Our Enforcement Agents are experienced and skilled in dealing with what can be a difficult situation which not only demands firm action but also a professional sensitive approach.

Once Grencar Ltd has given the statutory seven day notice to the tenant, if the tenant fails to resolve the situation an Enforcement Agent visits the premises to recover the rent arrears and a swift resolution is usually achieved, it is not always necessary to remove the tenant’s goods to secure the full payment, under your instruction the tenant can enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement where the goods remain on the premises in the custody of the law while still allowing them to continue trading while the funds are being arranged, this also allows the landlord to keep the tenant.

In the event that the landlord wants to take control of the premises, providing there is a written lease in place with a forfeiture clause written in it which the tenant has invoked, we can receive your written instruction to carry out the forfeiture by way of changing the lock, securing the premises and posting the appropriate notices.

Whether your commercial premises is 10 sq. ft. or 100,000 the same level of professional service will be given to the process of recovering your rent arrears.

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