Enforcement Agent

If you receive a visit or a notice from one of our Enforcement Agents your cooperation will be appreciated as it will help us to help you resolve the matter as quickly as the situation permits and with the least possible upset.

All of our Enforcement Agents are identifiable by their Grencar Ltd identification, their Enforcement Agent’s Certificate and their letter of authority for the client that we are working on behalf of.

If you would like to confirm the validity of the Grencar Ltd Enforcement Agent that has contacted you, please telephone 01306 630015 between 06:00am and 21:00pm Monday to Sunday.

Our Enforcement Agents are authorised to collect payments and will issue a form of receipt in every instance.

Our Enforcement Agents are authorised in some instances to make short term arrangements in order to clear the outstanding debt.

We appreciate that a visit from one of our Enforcement Agents may be a sensitive and embarrassing situation for those involved, we aim to ensure that those who they come in contact with feel that they have been treated fairly and sensitively and that the situation is not unnecessarily aggravated and any distress caused is minimized.

If you wish to notify us of your dissatisfaction with one of our Enforcement Agents it must be put in writing to The Personnel Manager, Grencar Ltd, York House, 138 South Street, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2EU.

Your cooperation helps us to help you!!